Sharing is Caring

Our first full day in Rome

So let's take a step back for a minute. We've been blogging up a storm for the past few months, sharing our favorite travel finds. But where did this flurry of travel-induced excitement come from?

While planning our honeymoon in Europe, we found there weren't enough travel resources aimed at people like us:

Normal hardworking 30-somethings,

looking for a mix of off the beaten path moments, with a side of the big attractions.

We have a passion for good food and even better wine.

We seek authentic experiences,

maintaining an eye on the budget,

but with the means to splurge every now and then if necessary.

Does this resonate with anyone else?

In early 2016 we spent 2.5 glorious weeks in Italy and France, as our first trip abroad together. We must admit we did a pretty good job planning, and agreed it was too fun not to share. 

What this blog is:

  • Full of tried and true ideas.
  • To the point.
  • Honest.

What this blog is not:

  • Ideas here may not work for everyone, but it worked for us.

We had a blast and want to share our ideas. Because sharing is caring.

So here it goes...