How we got here

Our obsession with travel flourished as we planned our 20 day honeymoon to Europe with the ultimate challenge placed on ourselves: maximize our time, minimize our belongings.

This was going to take some planning.

In the months leading up to our departure, we spent many date nights on the couch with a bottle of wine, earmarked guidebooks, and our computers a-buzzing, meticulously researching the best way to enjoy our time travelling. From a packing plan and restaurant ideas, to off the beaten path b&bs, and everything in between.

It. Was. Worth. It.

Somewhere between sipping Chianti Classicos deep in Tuscany and lounging on the beach in Monterosso, we decided this trip was too good to keep to ourselves. And the idea for this blog was born.

Our mission is to make trip planning easier for others, by sharing the experiences and products that made our trip unforgettable.

Just because we spent hours planning and researching, doesn't mean our readers have to.

So join us in being lifelong traveling flâneurs -- we can't wait for our next adventure.

-Paul & Eliza

What is a flâneur?

In the weeks preceding our trip we came across the notion of a flâneur and it heavily influenced the way we traveled. Perhaps our favorite definition of flâneur comes from Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

Someone who, unlike a tourist, makes a decision opportunistically at every step to revise his schedule (or destination) so he can imbibe things based on new information obtained.
— Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile