Eating in Rome: Podere 29

Our first day in Rome saw us arriving at FCO on time at 7:00am. We knew that the first day was going to be rough due mainly to the lack of sleep, and even with some light sleeping medication (read: wine) we were only able snag a few hours on the plane. Despite our brain-dead state we made the best of it, dropped our bags off at the hotel by 9am and then spent the next few hours wandering around the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain areas, ending up walking through the Pantheon right before lunch. 

Our jetlagged selves suddenly realized we were starving!

Tucked around the corner from the Pantheon, we stumbled upon the perfect spot: Podere 29. Perched at a quaint outdoor table, and not realizing just how big they would be, we each ordered a salad--Paul, the usual chicken Caesar, and for Eliza, the one topped with apples and a mild goat cheese. Wow. Scrumptiously huge, hitting the spot perfectly after a full day of traveling.

Don't mind the jetlagged!

Combined with a margherita pizza each and a large bottle of aqua, we could barely finish it all. It was the perfect first meal to kick off our trip!