Hotels we Love...Floroom 2, Florence

We made a point of varying the hotel styles during our stay in Italy. The Floroom 2 was an ideal home base for coming and going as we pleased. We got a nice taste of living like the locals in our own little apartment in downtown Florence.

We had very little face-to-face interaction with the B&B staff. Case in point: the morning of our check-in, we received an email with our electronic door code. Besides a quick interaction to show our passports, we never saw another soul. It felt like we owned the place!

It was very easy to come and go, with a simple kitchen offering water, juice, coffee, cereal, and toast at all times of the day. The location was ideal, just minutes from the train station, Duomo, and leather shops, and only slightly further to the Ponte Vecchio and everything on the other side of the river.

The room was modern and minimalistic, with a wooden-beamed ceiling and floor, plus a very unique bathroom layout with a shower large enough to almost be its own rentable room! We had adorable shutters out every window that we could close to keep the chill out, or open for some fresh morning air. Our room overlooked a vespa-lined street of tiny shops, providing great people watching. These details made this room a warm and contemporary contrast to the ancient wonders outside our B&B doors.

A note: some people may prefer more of a personal hotel feeling, and if that's the case, the Floroom may not be for you. In addition, our room was up a few flights of stairs, so it may not be as accessible for some, especially those with heavy rolling luggage.

We, however, loved the freedom this room gave us – we highly recommend the Floroom 2. We even hear there is a sister location on the other side of the river. Perhaps that will be our home base during our next visit to Florence!