The Best Travel Pants (for women)

Ah, the fun of packing light. Less is always better on the road, don’t you agree? In this series, we’ll run you through some of our tried-and-true best packing tips for living the flâneur lifestyle.

best travel pants for women

I spent months searching for the perfect travel pants. I was looking for something lightweight that could be dressed up or down, and would dry quickly after being washed. Oh, and maybe they could be stylish too? It doesn't seem so hard, right?


I ordered countless pairs of pants, from places like my old standby stores to the more sporty, dressy, denim-y stores, and everything in between. I was frustrated, as nothing seemed quite right. 

The thing with travel pants is that you need to love them, because if you're trying to pack light, they must be versatile enough to be paired with sneakers on the trail, or with cute jewelry and heels for romantic dinner out.

Finally, I stumbled across Anatomie. I bit the bullet and ordered the Anatomie Skyler Skinny Pants in black. I'll admit, I had some sticker shock at first. But oh my, are they worth it.

Here's what makes them amazing:

  • They checked all my original boxes...they are lightweight, easily transition from a dressed up or down look, and dry in no time. Being black, they paired with everything else I had packed, so I feel they check the stylish box too.
  • They are so comfortable, and somehow the sizing was perfect. (I ordered the small, and normally am a 2 or 4 in other brands.) 
  • And for the ultimate amazingness, I even wear them to work to yoga pants, they are my everyday favorites, but ESPECIALLY for travel.

I did pack my J. Crew jeans as well, and in hindsight, wished I had left those bulky things at home. I ended up in my Anatomie Skylers more often than I should probably admit. The next time we're packing for a trip, I might just order another pair from this company and leave it at that. 

What are your favorite travel pants?