Walking our way around Italy

Shortly before our trip, we jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon and acquired the Charge (for Paul) and Alta (for Eliza). While traveling, we made a point to walk everywhere we could, which kept us always on the move.

Here's why we loved having our Fitbits while traveling in Europe:

  1. To rationalize all the amazing food we were eating
  2. Visualizing how many flights of stairs we climbed in the Colosseum, and other awesome places
  3. With the six hour time difference, hitting our step goals (and then some) before most of our friends and family back home had even started their days
  4. Tracking our sleep in an effort to adjust to the time change
  5. Setting alarms to kindly remind ourselves about an upcoming reservation, whether it was an early morning Vatican tour or a late night dinner reservation along the water in Monterosso

At the end of our trip, we clocked more than 640,000 steps combined. Passively keeping track of that data was a fun, nerdy, way to enjoy, and later reflect upon, our trip. 

I'm sure there are countless other ways to utilize your fitness tracker while on the go, but these were our favorite perks!