Those photos though...

One thing I learned about traveling early on was to make sure a majority of your pictures include you.

Think about it, incredible sites built thousands of years ago likely won't change all that much during our lifetimes. WE will change though, and that will be the interesting thing to look back on years from now.

Plus, when you arrive back home (or post in real time on social media), friends and family will likely be more drawn to pictures of the Colosseum if they have YOU in front, because while those sites are cool, the connection they have is with you.

The photo of the Colosseum on the left could have been taken off of Google for all anyone at home knows. Meanwhile, the photo on the right tells more of a I am, freezing cold wearing Paul's jacket during a great tour. Oh, and yes, that's a selfie stick to the left of me...they were everywhere that spring! See how much more a picture with you in it tells?!

We love taking photos, but we also love packing light. Many people ask us what our camera of choice is. For this trip, we went with the Panasonic Lumix and we were so happy we did.  Here's why:

  1. This camera gives you the option to either use automatic presets (for when you're in a hurry OR jetlagged) or play with the manual controls (for when you're feeling fancy).
  2. It is compact enough so it’s not a bother to carry around. It fit in my small purse and jacket pocket with room to spare!
  3. The coolest part of this camera is its wifi capability -- it allowed us to connect with our phones to download all the photos to OneDrive so we could back up every last memory in case (God forbid) the camera was ever stolen.