11 Gifts for the Travelers on Your List

Raise your hand if you're looking for a gift for a travel lover!

Raise your hand if you're looking for a gift for a travel lover!

Over the years, we have come up with a few gift ideas that really speak to the inner traveler in us all.  Without further ado...


Bose headphones

These are amazing for blocking out sound on flights and have become a favorite for us. It's amazing how loud planes can be, and we discovered that they are worth every penny the moment we took them off and realized a crying baby was behind us :) Side note: these are wonderful not only for travel, but also in our everyday lives, like when trying to work in a loud office or when playing video games.

Headphone splitters

Now, this tiny piece of hardware was a lifesaver for us when the sound in my seat was out on one of our longer flights. We plugged this into Paul's seat, so we could both have sound for the in-flight movie. These are so lightweight, affordable, and can really be useful. They're also great for sharing the sound while watching movies on a device.


My Kindle has become my favorite device over the years, especially when traveling. It is a mere 5.7 ounces, and holds a charge for weeks, meaning one less cord to drag along. The biggest plus for me, the insomniac? If I wake up at odd hours of the night (thanks, jet lag...) I simply pull this out, ideally read for a few minutes, and fall back asleep quickly, never waking my travel partner up!


Eye mask 

I wasn't so sure about this at first, but eye masks can definitely be the key to a restful night's sleep on the plane or in the hotel. This particular mask is worth it -- others we tried were a little scratchy or ill-fitting. This one stays on and is so heavenly soft!

Travel pillow

Now, there are a few things to consider with travel pillows -- mostly, their size and their cost. This one is inflatable, meaning it takes up very little space while traveling, but can be the difference between a crick in the neck and jumping off the plane well rested. The cost, of course, is a great bonus.

Light blanket 

This is the perfect gift for someone who may be traveling on trains for extended amounts of time. It's a throwback to my college study abroad days, when we would routinely take the overnight train from Vienna to wondrous locations around Europe. A lightweight blanket packs up small, yet still delivers plenty of warmth when needed, whether it's on the train, plane, or in a chilly hotel room.


Padlocks are great. While traveling with our carryon backpacks, we found these to provide nice peace of mind, whether our bags were being left at the front desk of our hotel, or while walking the crowded streets of Venice. And while they may be controversial, they can also be used as a sign of love when attached to a bridge. If your traveler is going to be checking luggage, make sure you get the TSA approved locks!

Travel Prep

Travel guides

To dream about the next trip, travel guides are a great way to go. Even if you're buying for millennials, both old fashioned books --or the Kindle version -- are great. We purchased the Rick Steves guide to Italy, and found it nice on days when we didn't turn on our mobile phone connection. It helped us have a rough plan for what to do, and was something we could reference quickly while en route to a new destination. 

Longchamp bag

For the travel fashionista on your list, a good bag to carry around all day and night is probably on her mind. My go-to bag is Longchamp, as it is lightweight, classic, packable, and transitions seamlessly from day to night. This was the only purse I carried with me around Europe, and it worked perfectly, even on a day when we went on a surprise hiking adventure.

lounge passes


Pin Map

We started a tradition of placing pins in the new places we have visited together on this sweet map that we received as a gift. It's a great discussion piece, that hangs on our wall and we absolutely love it!

Gift Card

Often times the hardest thing about any trip is coming home! We find that having something to look forward to shortly after we get home makes it much easier. A thoughtful gift for a traveler could be something as simple as a gift card to a favorite nearby brunch spot!

What other great travel gifts ideas have you heard of? Let us know!

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