5 Ways to Enjoy Italy From Your Couch

5 Ways to Enjoy Italy From Your Couch

With another two months before our next trip, we are looking for ways to feel that Italian culture at home. Here are our favorite ways to get that done!

  1. Enjoy wine tasting on the couch! (Cute shirt optional...) Our wine glasses of choice are Riedel, as the thin glass seems to really help make things taste better. And drinking out of ridiculously large Nebbiolo glasses makes me happy!
  2. Read a little historical fiction about the relationship between Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in Oil and Marble. (I wasn't able to put it down!)
  3. When you're sufficiently ready to begin planning a trip, pick up a guide book or two. These have become our standard coffee table books, and are fun to flip through to get ideas. 
  4. Cook! Friday nights are homemade pizza nights at our house -- a weekly reminder of how much we love the the farm-to-table idea of how simple, pure ingredients can make such a difference--something we experienced everywhere in Italy, especially Florence!
  5. Find a way to decorate that intertwines your love for travel and all things Italy. We love this customized travel map, where we can place a pin anytime we visit a new place together. And as far as frames go for those photos and posters you pick up on the road, we've been impressed with these affordable ones from Amazon.

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