10 Toiletries That Make Travel a Breeze (That You're Probably Forgetting)

10 toiletries that make travel a breeze

Ah, the fun of packing light. Less is always better on the road, don’t you agree? In this series, we’ll run you through some of our tried-and-true best packing tips for living the flâneur lifestyle.

While packing my toiletry kit, I put the normal things in...toothbrush, makeup, etc. But the items that really make my life easier on the road are as follows...

the ten toiletries that you're probably forgetting

Toiletry Bag

My issue with most other toiletry bags on the market is their shape: round, bulky, and hard to fit in at the last minute. This little guy is thin and lies flat, perfect for being the last thing you throw in your suitcase before zipping it up! It can also expand to provide more room with little compartments to keep you organized. Additionally, European bathrooms tend to have less counter space, so the hook proved endlessly useful for hanging purposes.

Mini Hair Dryer

We stayed in some cute B&Bs in Italy, but one thing that wasn't cute? The vacuum-attachment-looking hair dryers that never really dried my hair. I'm not trying to sound high maintenance here, but I get cold when my hair is wet. On our upcoming trip, we're staying in AirBnBs that definitely don't have hair dryers. (I checked.) I'll be throwing this one in my bag, which works great.

Travel Bottles

I love my facewash, but don't love that it's in a huge bottle, and I really hate it when those flimsy travel bottles leak. With this in mind, I picked up a 1-ounce Nalgene spillproof travel container. True to its name, it was both the perfect size and did not leak at all.

Side note: I will be picking up another one of these to pack some conditioner next time, too. On our last trip to Italy I thought our hotels would provide mini shampoos and conditioners, which didn't turn out to be the case. While shampoo was standard in every hotel, conditioner was not (perhaps that’s a European thing?) This left my hair feeling quite blah. Without spending too much time worrying about it, we tracked down a very overpriced bottle of olive oil conditioner in the middle of Florence which worked, but let's just say I was less than thrilled :)

Face Wipes

In order to remove the grime of the day, and pack the least amount of liquids possible, these Aveeno wipes work best for my sensitive skin. They also work phenomenally on overnight flights. Protip: I find that I don't need an entire sheet, so I cut them into three pieces before I leave.

Travel Loofahs

These little guys were great on the road. They scrunched up small in a little ziploc bag when we needed to move between cities. And were tossed without a second thought the morning of our departure back home.

Mini Eyelash Curler

Funny side story here: while serving the first of  five weeks of grand jury duty, I accidentally left my makeup bag in my purse, and nearly had my eyelash curler confiscated because it looked like a potential weapon to the men who ran security (sorry, eyelashes!). Ever since that experience, I have thought twice about throwing a weapon for my eyelashes in a bag, and instead found this mini eyelash curler. Bonus: it takes up less room, too!

Sink laundry packets

Since the key to fitting everything into a carryon is packing less to begin with, these sink laundry packets were worth their weight in gold. Purchasing clothing that is fast drying helps, but really, using these sink packets is fast and keeps your amount of stuff to a minimum.

Febreze Travel Spray

Using Febreeze can help freshen up your clothes that have been packed tight in your bag, and in a pinch, if doing a full load of sink laundry isn't in the cards, it can help extend the wear of your clothes on the road.


Restroom amenities are different in every part of the world. A small pocket pack of tissues weighs next to nothing and could come in handy.


Finally, a few tips on medicine. I packed a small pill organizer to help keep things organized for the pills I take each day. In addition, we were so glad we packed some Claritin, when Paul unexpectedly developed spring allergies upon landing in Rome. Advil and Pepto are also useful on the road. 

Of course this is just a start...what other items are must haves in your toiletry bag?