Where to get the best taste of Italy without leaving the US

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Eataly espresso con nutella

Where to get the best taste of Italy without even needing to show your passport? The answer, without a doubt, is Eataly.

Eataly had been on my list of places to visit for a while. It is a huge marketplace devoted to Italian food and culture. It includes markets, restaurants, a bakery, retail, and even a cooking school. Basically all the things I love, and all devoted to Italy! There are just a few locations in the US, so when we were planning our mother-daughter trip to New York City it was a the top of the must-see list!

The first rule of visiting Eataly? Go hungry! 

Eataly produce

If you love Italian food, this will basically be your Disney World. I could have spent hours poking around the different food areas, and probably could have bought out half the store if we weren’t heading to the Empire State Building immediately after. We already had eaten lunch, otherwise I would have also eaten half the store, too.

Eataly nutella

They have an entire chocolate section which is separate from the entire Nutella section. I REPEAT, THERE IS AN ENTIRE SECTION DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO NUTELLA. We of course found our way to said Nutella section quite naturally. After a full morning of traveling, we decided we needed a pick-me-up in the form of an Espresso con Nutella. Yes, it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. I’m only worried that I’ll never be able to go back to plain old espresso at home again. 😉

Eataly espresso
Eataly burrata

There were entire sections of sweets. Another devoted to cheese, and specifically burrata! Another just for fresh produce, and yet another just for specialty olive oils. I was indeed in heaven, and know that I must return so that I can sample the exquisite-looking charcuterie plate and have a glass of wine. All this without having to show my passport. It will certainly get me through until our next trip to Italy.

I’ll be back, Eataly! I’ll be back! 

Eataly mom and me espressos
Eataly espresso dribble
Eataly chocolates
Eataly cannoli
best taste of italy in usa