How to bring a little bit of Italian coffee culture to your home

sit down espresso

While we were traveling in Italy, we fell in love with the Italian coffee culture. It is refreshing to step up to any coffee bar anywhere in the country, knowing that the espresso served to you will be of the highest quality. 

There are two very different ways to enjoy the coffee in Italy. The fast way is to step on up to the bar and order an espresso. You drink it while standing, throw down your euro or two, and you're on your way, delightfully caffeinated.

stand up espresso bar

Alternatively, you can opt to sit and sip on your espresso, often paying a bit more. But the ease with which you can people watch and enjoy a little sweet is wonderful.

Espresso people watching

When we got home from Italy, we were didn't realize just how spoiled we had been in Italy. This led us to invest in our Nespresso machine and its little pods of gold. It's been the best way for us to pretend we're still in Italy on a daily basis and our preferred way to caffeinate. How much better can you get?!

Italian Coffee Culture.png