Hotels We Love: Hilton Garden Inn, Times Square Central

Times Square

I've got to admit I feel a little like a fish out of water when it comes to New York. I've only been a couple of times, always visiting someone who already lived there. Therefore, I never paid much attention to where exactly I was or any logistics like that. All I knew was that Times Square was a bit of a madhouse (see photo above...a day after a big snowstorm).

So when it came time to find a hotel for our Mother-Daughter Trip, I did a lot of research. We wanted to be in Midtown Manhattan, as close to the Shubert Theatre as possible. We wanted a clean room, nothing too fancy, simply a home base for the sightseeing we were looking forward to. I found a good hotel that checked all those boxes, at a very nice price, by reserving through We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, Times Square Central, which worked well for our needs.

In addition to checking all the boxes mentioned above, we could SEE the New Years Eve Ball outside our window! It was that close! It's not a great pic, but proof of what I mean documented here:

New York City Hotel View of Times Square.JPG

The hotel worked great location-wise. It was steps to the madness of Times Square, and mere blocks to the Shubert Theater, the ENTIRE reason for our trip! The weekend we were there was record-setting cold. So having such a central location was clutch.

New York City Hotel Street View

The entrance to the hotel is on West 42nd Street. You must walk down this cold hallway to access the elevators, which were quite slow at times. In order to check in, you go to the 4th floor to access the lobby. The lobby wasn't exactly laid out in the most intuitive way -- lots of people were trying to check in at the same time we were, and the front desk stood right on the way to a restaurant. It was a little funny. 

The room itself, when we finally got into it after checking in, was lovely. This hotel was recently renovated, and the room was small, yet nice and crisp. The soundproof windows and blackout curtains were much appreciated. We didn't spend a whole lot of time in the fact, I didn't snap a single pic of the room!

The people working at the hotel were pleasant, but I must say, they left a little to be desired in the details department. We were overcharged for our room when checking out, which I didn't catch immediately because we were in a rush to make our buses home. This should be resolved by, but it's still annoying to say the least. If you choose to stay with them, be sure to double check the bill.

This hotel really shined in the location department. It was clean and quiet, and while being overcharged was annoying, it wouldn't prevent us from staying there again in the future.

Hotels We Love Times Square, NYC