The Best Italian Cookbook

Silver Spoon Italian cookbook

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We told you a bit about our great Italian cooking adventure in our last post. (Ah, take me was so fun!)

While we were there I asked our chef and teacher, Michele, if he could suggest any good, authentic Italian cookbooks in English. This has been a struggle of mine — I love collecting cookbooks, but when it comes to selecting Italian cookbooks, I look at all the options and often get overwhelmed.

Without hesitation, he suggested The Silver Spoon. He told us it had been written years ago and was considered the bible of Italian cooking. He said it was recently updated and would likely be available in the States.

That night, after a few glasses of wine and discovering that our restaurant had wifi, we made one of our best tipsy decisions ever: we ordered The Silver Spoon on Amazon.

We weren't exactly prepared for just how thorough this cookbook would be. It clocks in at over 1500 pages. Yet the average, concise recipe takes up perhaps a third of a page, meaning there is a lot of content covered here. It has full page color photos of many of the recipes, too.

Silver Spoon Zucchini Recipe

We have tried a few of the recipes already. My favorite was a simple steamed zucchini with fresh herbs sprinkled on top. Countless other pages are earmarked for future cooking adventures. We can't recommend it enough!

The best Italian cookbook