Ah Florence, a favorite of ours, where we get lost exploring twisty cobblestone streets, yet always seem to have a sense of our bearings. Where history saddles up next to hipster delights, and where there's truly something for everyone. We've learned that we can be tourists one minute, admiring masterpieces with the crowds, and the next minute we find solitude by ducking around a corner to have part of the city to ourselves. It's a place where the wind can certainly chill you to the bone (if you're there anytime besides the hot, hot summer), and if you're willing to get away from the sites, you are rewarded with amazing views and experiences. Its central location makes traveling to other parts of Italy by train or bus a cinch, and was a wonderful home base. We've outlined some of our favorite parts of Florence here, so enjoy getting lost in our take on Florence!


Floroom 2 - a charming, modern rustic bed and breakfast located a short walk from many of the great places downtown.

AirBnb - we stayed at this charming studio flat in the Santo Spirito neighborhood. 


Ristorante Trattoria Angiolino - amazing welcoming meal complete with a wonderful server, and pappa al pomodoro.


Tuscan wine tours are a must. We loved our time with Bernardo.

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