Resources: Our Travel Must-Haves

We put in the time researching and testing out the best travel must-haves so you don't have to. Come back often for updates!

Women's Clothing & Accessories

  • Pants:
    • Anatomie Skyler Travel Pant - I wear these all the time, they are the most comfortable and packable pants ever. Don't let the price scare you, they're worth every penny and will be the only pants you need. Read my full review here
    • 7 for All Mankind b(air) Ankle Skinny Jeans - seriously the best jeans ever. They're substantial (meaning you don't feel like you're wearing leggings), but stretch (just like leggings) without the weight. They are worth the investment for everyday, but especially travel.
  • Undergarments:
    • ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Bikini Brief Travel Underwear - not to get too TMI here, but if you don't have good undergarments, you're not going to be able to enjoy your travels. These are another travel staple that I basically wear everyday. 
    • True & Co. True Body Bras - the most comfortable bra on earth, and it washes, and more importantly, dries really easily, which is perfect when on the road. I even have a handy $15 off code just for you: 

Men's clothing & Accessories

  • Outlier is basically all that Paul wears (and now, basically all his friends and coworkers too). This stuff is top-of-the-line for men's pants and shirts, and is one of the only brands that is worthy of taking up space in the carry-on. With high attention to the fabrics, we firmly recommend just about anything that comes out of Outlier. Now if they just had a women's line...
  • Mission Workshop - this is probably the brand of clothing that is the second-most-worn for Paul. Again, it's not cheap, but if you want the best for men's outerwear, this is it.
  • Undergarments:
    • Exofficio Give-N-Go Boxers - these things are quick drying, odor resistant, lightweight, and wicking. They are perfect for travel, and basically every day.
    • Icebreaker Socks - The socks are mostly made of wool, which means odors aren't a problem. They're low-cut so they work in basically any situation. 
  • Shoes:
    • Scarpa Margarita Sneaker - a low-cut, hiking-quality shoe that takes Paul from the trail to the city. Super supportive, and at times this has been the only shoe he has packed for trips.
    • Converse Chuck Taylors - Paul's "dress sneaker", which also takes up such little space in the carry-on that it's a no-brainer when packing.

Bags and Luggage

  • Tortuga Travel Backpack - we discovered Tortuga before we took our first big trip together. This company only focuses on travel bags, and it shows. Every detail is thought out, from their day bag to the full-blown travel pack. 
  • L.L. Bean Rolling Pullman - this is a lightweight and versatile pull-along bag. It works great as a carry-on, and stands up to all the cobblestones, uneven ground, and whatever else a trip can throw at you.
  • eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit - THE best toiletry bag, as its flatness allows it to easily be tossed in the luggage at the last minute before heading out. The hook is super useful, especially for traveling to Europe, where counter space in the bathroom is virtually unheard of.
  • Eagle Creek Packing Cubes - if you haven't tried packing cubes yet, you don't know what you're missing. The organization is key, and these babies are super lightweight.
  • Luggage Lock - these are really helpful for when you need to leave your bag at your hotel or Airbnb so you can have some peace of mind while exploring the area until your designated check-in time.

Tech Accessories

Planning Tools

  • Ebates - before any trip, it's pretty much a given that you'll need to purchase a couple things. Ebates basically pays you to shop on hundreds of sites. It's so easy, and gives me free money that I then use for glasses of Chianti Classico while in Italy...sigh, take me back...
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget) - budgeting doesn't have to be scary, especially when saving for something fun like travel! We religiously use YNAB, which is oddly fun, and keeps us honest with ourselves when it comes to how we're spending. Your first month is free with this handy link
  • Lonely Planet and Rick Steves Guidebooks - if we're headed to a place that we haven't visited before, we like to check out what a couple guidebooks say for inspiration. These ones are generally pretty good.

Makeup and toiletries

  • FAB Tinted Moisturizer - this is not only a moisturizer, but it contains sunscreen, and is tinted. Three products in one means a lighter makeup bag, which is always a win.
  • Too Faced Mascara - great for sensitive eyes, and is high quality. This stuff lasts a long time.
  • Miniature Eyeshadow - the smaller the better, yet this is still great for sensitive eyes.
  • Urban Decay Blush and Bronzer - this is my go-to cheek palette, as it includes a highlighter as well. 
  • Quip Toothbrush - never have we been more obsessed with...toothbrushes. In the past, we found traveling with electric toothbrushes to be cumbersome, but these little guys are designed to travel, and even stick to the mirror, freeing up the miniscule bathroom counter spaces in Europe... Also, it's a subscription, so they'll send you a new brush head periodically without you needing to even think about it. Sign up with our link for $5 off.
  • Dollar Shave Club - this has become a savior for Paul, where affordable fresh razor blades are sent to our door every month. What's more, they offer some really great travel-sized accessories.
  • Liquid Travel Containers - these are the best for shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. They have never leaked!