Eating in Rome: Numbs Piazza di Spagna

After wandering the streets near our hotel, we came upon a quaint yet modern restaurant after a long yet delightful day of sightseeing. Numbs did not disappoint.

Our antipasto consisted of a chicken Caesar salad and thin rosemary focaccia -- both very good. Our waiters were fantastic, and we had a laugh over our collective inability to translate rosemary from Italian to English. (It’s rosmarino, in case you were curious.)

For our vino (the most important course, right?!), we had an amazing bottle of 2013 Barbera d’Alba. My only regret was that the bottle wasn’t a liiiitle bigger.

For our primo, I ordered a deliciously crispy-crusted pizza with dried beef, tomato sauce, fresh Parmesan, and arugula on top. Paul ordered an excellent fettucine bologna.

Our dolce was in liquid form; a glass of grappa for Paul and a glass of primitivo for me. It was a lovely way to cap the night, yet I was left wishing I had ordered another glass of that Barbera...

All in all, it was a wonderful night, sitting just near the open window leading out to the pedestrian cobblestone street, serenaded by a street performing Italian version of Adele. With its warm ambiance enhanced by the kind waitstaff, and that beautiful Barbera d’Alba, we'll be sure to go back upon our return to Rome!